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State-tan: Crisanto C. Jones by TiffyInaBox State-tan: Crisanto C. Jones by TiffyInaBox
Got too lazy to color him completely xD Redoing my California-tan~ No more North Cal and a South Cal > w <

Name: Cristanto C. Jones
State: California
Birthday: Sept. 9
Capitol: Sacramento
Nicknames: Golden State, The Land of Milk and Honey, The Grape State, The El Dorado State, Golden West, Cereal Bowl of the Nation, The Eureka State, The Bear State/Republic, etc.
Motto: “Eureka!”

Random notes about him:

- He's a strange state...
-Are his parents Spain/America, Mexico/America, or Spain/Mexico?
- He's pretty good with electronics. (Silicon Valley)
- While he was Spain's colony he didn't get much attention.
- Everyone paid attention to him during the Gold Rush and he loved it~
- England once claimed parts of him to annoy Spain. Called him "New/Nova Albion" the whole time.
- Sometimes Russia came to visit, but just to get food for Alaska.
- He has older sisters that live with big brother Mexico. (Baja California and Baja California Sur)
- Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and parts of New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming used to be part of him.
- Gets jealous of New York and tries to one up him. I don't know why...
- He invented fortune cookies...and pretended he got them China xD
- "Hella" I'm pretty sure he's the only one that says it.
- The Jones Incident. LOL.
- The whole Bear Republic thing. It was America that started it.
- I don't think his siblings like him. TT w TT

Most of my information comes from Wikipedia and the California Historical Society website and whatever other websites I came across. I'd appreciate anything else you have to add about California xD
Haha California you're so weird~ :iconiloveitmoreplz:
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iLullaby Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010
C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A! YES! x)
Woah, California created fortune cookies? I never knew that. xD That's amazing.
I have a bit more information about California for you~

The valley girl accent originated in California.
Also the Californian accent pronounces every letter in a word. Going instead of goin'... stuff like that.
People from California don't call California Cali! D: Well, 95% don't.
Also responsible for 13% of America's GDP. No nation has the right to call him lazy. He got it going on. 8'D
AND, 1/3 of America's food is made by him. Yeah, some serious bragging rights there.
Economy is like a roller coaster though. Raises up and then it plummets. And then it starts all over again. xD
California's population was greater than Canada's in 2007. Hur hur.
There's a lot of turkeys here...
TiffyInaBox Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010
Yeah I'm pretty sure fortune cookies started in California xDD I call California "Cali" xDD I know I'm a horrible Californian!
*writes down notes for future use*
He definitely got it going on~ :iconmotherofgodplz:
iLullaby Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010
Oh man, that's amazing. Fortune cookies are amazing. Thus California is amazing by relation. xD
-gaspeth- I can never call California Cali. I tried to, multiple times, but they always end up as, "I'm from Cali... fornia. Yeah. California." x)
Them other states be jealous.
TiffyInaBox Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
Jeans were invented in California too~ xDD I only say Cali when refering to my state-tan otherwise I say California.
iLullaby Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
California is the state of invention. xD
You know... Cali (or Callie) is a pretty damn cute nickname for him. :3
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